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Entry is open to all USBC Bowlers; Non-members may qualify by paying an unattached membership fee of $26.00.  Bowlers MUST show their USBC card at check in.

Handicap will be based on 90% of the difference between entrants highest league average and a scratch average of 220.  The maximum handicap will be 60 pins per line.  (ALL FRACTIONS WILL BE DROPPED)

Rule #319A-2 Averages used will be those of entrant’s highest league 2020-2021 average based on 21 games in an USBC sanctioned league.  Any entrant not having an established winter league average will use his/her highest current league average of 21 games as of February 1st, 2022.  Any bowler whose highest current average is 10 pins or more above his last season’s average must use his highest current average.  Members who do not have an acceptable average may enter the tournament at 220 scratch or their NE Tournament average for the previous 3 years. 

Rule #319A-3 Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain or others.  If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification or more handicap, the bowler(s) score is disqualified.  (Correction of average may be made up to the completion of the first game of the series)

Rule #317 An entrant may compete more than once in the Teams, Doubles, and singles events; however, subject to these conditions: Not more than two players on one team can place more than once in the prize list standings.  In no case shall the same two-person team be permitted to place more than once in the prize list for doubles event position standing.  Bowlers may bowl singles more than once, but may cash only once.

Teams may consist of any combination of 5 bowlers.

Rule #319D Any bowler who has qualified for cash or merchandise prize of $600.00 or more in the position standings prize list in any event in a tournament within the last 12-month period must submit a list of winnings to the tournament management.

Rule #319E All entrants are required to be familiar with USBC Rule 319E re-rating requirements and comply with all requirements in each separate event. The tournament has the right to adjust, reject, or reclassify any entry without penalty prior to the time of bowling in each separate event.  A bowler participating more than once in the Team or Doubles events must count his/her FIRST score for all- events.

All prize money will be returned 100% in the event collected; 50% scratch – 50% handicap.  There will be at least one prize for each 10 entries in the Teams, Doubles, and Singles, and one prize for each 20 entries in the all events.  Cash prizes in all events will be awarded equally for scratch and handicap performances.  No bowler can cash in on both.  He/She will be awarded only the scratch prize.

Bowlers may compete for All-Events prize money a maximum of 2 times.  1st All-Events MUST be completed BEFORE an additional entry is accepted.

Bowlers who have not attained the age of 18 must have written consent of their parents or guardian.  It must be submitted to the Tournament Director before the time of bowling. The team captains or representative must check in at least 30 minutes before scheduled bowling time.  Substitutes must be present themselves 15 minutes before schedules to bowl.  Tardy players will start in the frame being bowled, with a zero being given for each frame missed.

Entries Close at 3:30PM March 13th, 2022

Entries MUST BE RECEIVED ½ HOUR PRIOR  to Each Squad

Entry fee will be $30.00 per person, per event.  Prize fund $15.00 Bowling fee $12.00 Expense fee $3.00 
  All events $5.00 (optional)

No changes in the line-up will be allowed, except for making substitutions.  No pacers permitted.  Only those entered or qualified substitutes may bowl.  No team or individual shall be entitled to a refund after a definite date has been assigned and confirmed.